WordPress rocks!

Alright, I admit it, I am a WordPress junkie. I was introduced to WordPress many years ago for blogging but I have come to love it for building great websites too. Naturally, as a blogger one of the main features I adore are the built-in blogging capabilities of WordPress websites. It is easy to integrate the blog into the site including email subscriptions and commenting capability. You can even add the latest blog posts to different pages in your site. It makes blogging a cinch and that helps promote your business even faster and more efficiently. What’s not to love about that?

Naturally, ease of use is important to me and WordPress provides an intuitive interface that makes adding new pages, images, and blog posts as simple as can be. Upload your images and files directly and format text using the toolbar. You do not need any extra HTML or FTP software.

It is just as easy to customize the look and the feel of your website or to scale it up as your business grows and expands. With tons of terrific themes and the ability to create unique custom design templates, it is relatively straight forward for your web designer to create a site that reflects your business’ personality and style. WordPress sites can handle hundreds of thousands of pages without affecting site performance and that scalability is crucial for growing businesses.

With the WordPress platform you can manage your site yourself from any location because WordPress is browser-based. You can also eliminate the need to wait for a web developer to make changes to your site because WordPress is a self-contained system that does not require HTML or PHP language tags or FTP file protocols. With the WYSIWYG format you can make any changes yourself. That saves the cost of having a web developer manage and make changes to your site.

Another great feature of WordPress sites are the number of free and inexpensive plugins available to extend the functionality of a site to include calendars, video galleries, Twitter feeds, Facebook fan boxes and more.

Did I mention that WordPress allows a site administrator to set up multiple users and assign different access levels and capabilities for each user? This is a great feature for a business because you do not necessarily want everyone to have the power to post content or change content.

Finally, search engines love the clean, simple code that underlies WordPress. Since each page, post and image can have its own meta tag keywords, descriptions and titles and be optimised for specific keywords you can create highly precise search engine optimisation including the use of tags to boost your optimisation even more.

WordPress continues to improve and expand functionality and remains affordable, dependable and easy to use.

What more can one ask for?