Building a successful brand

Nowadays, in order to scale your business and gain as many clients as possible, it is essential to grow a successful brand.

You may be thinking, what exactly is a brand? A brand is more than a simple name, logo or slogan. A brand represents your promise to the customer. It is how your customer experiences your products and services. A brand encompasses your company products, services, message, reputation, visibility and your ability to attract and hold happy customers.

The goal of building a successful brand is to create a specific look and feel for your business that stays in the mind of everyone who interacts with your business. That image is crucial to building a successful and trustworthy relationship with your potential customers.

Here are a few tips to establish a strong, successful brand.

Competition and The Market

Research your competitors and your market niche. Learn as much as you can about your industry, trends, who your competitors are, what they do really well and what they do that needs improvement. Look for a niche where competitors are unable to deliver to customers or opportunities that are developing around new capabilities. The more you learn and understand about your competitors the easier it becomes to identify how to create a unique image and a unique sales proposition that will differentiate you from others in your marketplace.

Planning Your Brand

A vital step to creating a successful brand is planning. There are several things you need to think about before you begin to build your brand.

  • What will your brand promise or deliver to the customer?
  • What customer need will your brand fill?
  • What qualities and values will your brand represent and live by?
  • What image do you want your brand to evoke for customers?
  • Will your brand specialize in a specific product or service?
  • How will your brand differentiate itself from others in the same niche?
  • Why would a customer choose your brand over another?
  • What are the demographics of your ideal customer market?
  • What will your brand represent for your customers?

Once you can answer these questions you can begin to find the words and the images that best express the innate qualities and values of your brand. Use these words, phrases and images to begin creating a positive, unique message and logo. Make sure you choose a brand name and logo that is easy, memorable and reflects the personality of your brand. You should also ensure that when you choose a brand name that the same website domain name is available.

Establish a Consistent Message

All successful brands begin with a clear, concise, message. Keep your message simple and focus it on the needs of your customers. Create an identity that tells people who you are and clearly defines what you do. Keep your message relevant to your customer needs and what you deliver to meet their needs. Be creative, don’t be afraid to have fun and find ways to make your message unique.

Consistency Counts

It is very important to be consistent with all of your branding across all platforms. Your brand needs to engage and resonate with your customers so they come back and buy repeatedly from you. All of your marketing materials need to create a singular impression about your brand.

  • Use the same logo, colors and taglines on all marketing materials
  • Use the same tone in all of your communications
  • Establish consistent product quality
  • Establish consistent customer care quality
  • Establish consistent standards
  • Establish a consistent communications schedule and stick to it


Successful brands are the result of strong commitment and focus. To build a successful brand it must be stable. Spend a lot of time developing your brand image. It is really important once you have established the look and feel of your brand to stick by it. Constant changes destroy any chance of creating an identity that customers will recognise. Furthermore, constant change look and feel like instability to customers and that will destroy trust. Consistency breeds familiarity, recognition and successful brands.

Successful brands share common traits. These include a strong, clear, concise message, creative, unique and easily remembered logos and brand names, a focus on customer needs, consistent communications and a consistent look and feel as well as consistent product and customer service quality standards. In-depth market research and planning are key to understanding where to position your brand and how to promote it for success.

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