Animated explainer videos &
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People love to watch video! Here are just a few reasons why your business needs an explainer video….

Why use Video on your website? There are a lot of very good reasons!

Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website, which is one reason online video is seeing explosive growth.

Live action and animated explainer videos have surged in popularity recently due to their proven effectiveness in growing a business. This makes explainer videos an excellent marketing tool.

Increasing your conversion rates, clarifying your products and services, and boosting your sales are just 3 of the many reasons your business should have an explainer video.

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Clearly Explain your Product or Service

Text can be tricky since there are so many ways people can interpret what they read. Explainer videos take the guess work out of explaining the usefulness and basic function of a product or service. People gain a better understanding of a product or service once they see and hear someone explain it. An explainer video helps you to connect better with your potential customer by explaining what your business can do for them and why they should choose you over other competing businesses.

Get Better Search Engine Rankings

Statistically speaking, stale and overly wordy websites don’t do well. Websites with endless pages of text and images rank low in Google search. This can scare away customers who want to quickly understand a product, and purchase it then and there. In most cases, the average person takes less than a minute to make a purchasing decision. An explainer video will get their attention – fast!

Increase Traffic to your Site

Going “viral” is a term that has been around since the dawn of YouTube. A viral video is one that seemingly pops-up out of nowhere and gets a large viewing in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, there is no set formula for “going viral”, but quite a few products have gained popularity through viral videos, including some of the brands we know and love today.

Videos are Easily Shareable

An explainer video doesn’t necessarily have to be confined to just YOUR site. In fact, free video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have useful tools that allow you to upload your videos and use keywords to draw interest to them. The added bonus to using these sites is that they are Smart phone compatible, whereas your site may not be viewable on handsets (although it should be! See our Blog). Videos are easily shareable, unlike text web pages. People are more likely to share and watch videos on the Internet than read text blocks on a website.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

According to a recent survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying explainer video. Explainer videos help budding business owners keep tally of how many visitors on their sites could become actual customers. Although most businesses manually count sales to see what products are most popular, explainer videos keep track of what product or service potential customers are interested by displaying the number of views on each video.

Generate Increased Interest

More and more businesses are choosing to use social media to spread the word about their businesses. They do this by using media such as images and videos to generate interest in their product. According to a study published in The C100, over 70% of Internet users watch videos online, and over 50% of the population will watch videos this year!

Help Viewers Remember You!

The average person retains only 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see according to a study conducted by Wharton Research Center. What does this mean for your business? An increase in word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth continues to be the main way that businesses attract customers. If the customer likes your product, they’ll share your video.

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

The number one thing that makes a customer become a repeat customer is belief and familiarity with your brand and your business’ personality. It is important that a customer can identify with your brand. This is especially the case for online businesses where the customer will have little, if any contact with you directly. It helps a person to gain a sense of trust in you and the products you sell if they can make a ‘virtual’ connection.


Here are just a few example videos that we, and our animation partners, have produced that could be helping you tell your story…

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